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Thursday, October 10, 2013

who will be the next prime minister of india 2014..survey results

It's not really about Modi and Rahul | Business Standard

It's not really about Modi and Rahul | Business Standard

Rahul vs Modi: Who will win ?

India, it apears want fesh faces of Leadership..

While Modi, 62, has an advantage of winning three assembly polls and administrative experience since 2001, Gandhi, 42, has not held any position in the government since entering the Lok Sabha in 2004.

Does India have the money to repay its debt?

Spending more than earning is not only bad for Individuals but also for countries?..
Recent estimates have pegged the Indian GDP at Rs 90 lakh crore (approximately $2 trillion).
Current Indian debt is around Rs 40 lakh crore (about $0.9 trillion).
The current budget has estimated an income of Rs 10.5 lakh crore (Rs 10.5 trillion) and expenditure of 12.57 lakh crore (Rs 12.57 trillion). A deficit of around Rs 2.07 lakh crore ($0.05 trillion).
The above numbers mean that India has borrowed an amount equivalent to close to 45 per cent of its GDP. Or, to put it in other terms, the Government of India has borrowed four times its annual income.