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Thursday, December 19, 2013

INSANE! Woman Says Strip Search After DUI Arrest Went Too Far

what is strip search?

Recently we keep hearing a lot about this subject ..what is it?
A strip search is a practice of searching a person for weapons or other contraband suspected of being hidden on their body or inside their clothing, and not found by performing a frisk search, by requiring the person to remove some or all of his or her clothing. The search may involve an official performing an Intimate Person Search and inspecting their personal effects. A strip search is more intrusive than a frisk and requires legal authority. Regulations covering strip searches vary considerably, and may be mandatory in some situations or discretionary in others..more at

Experts discover whether it's better to be right or be happy

Experts discover whether it's better to be right or be happy
Depends whether you are a woman or man?
 we need to handle the nagging question that immediately comes up when working with issues of being right. Namely, how do you handle the feeling that you’re giving up something by letting the other person win or have their own way. As the Relationship Specialists, we support putting the relationship first. What this means is that when differences arise remember, you are in a relationship. You are no longer an individual living alone in your separate living space. You are sharing a life with another individual, someone who is very important to you. Therefore, put your focus where it belongs, on the problem, not your partner. Judith Wallerstein, in her new book: The Good Marriage: How And Why Love Lasts, talks about the importance of couples building togetherness while creating autonomy. She asks couples to keep in mind the question: “Is this good for the marriage?” In order to make the relationship work, you must choose to become a couple instead of merely two individuals living side by side. It is at this time that the decision can be made to put the relationship first...more here