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Friday, May 15, 2009

What are the President's options?

What are the President's options?: "President Patil is all set for her first political test of neutrality. With a hung Parliament widely expected, she has three options:
Invite the single largest party
Invite the single largest pre-poll alliance
Invite the largest post-poll formation with letters of support
She has been studying what her predecessors did in similar situations."

The worst is still to follow

The election campaign saw promises made, candidates killed, alliances broken, allies switch sides, Left turning Right and Right going ultra-Right. The real issues which bother millions of Indians were pushed away in the dark. No one talked of health, education and poverty. No one wanted to discuss development. There were no takers for issues like female foeticide (sex ratio in some states have dropped to 800:1000), women's rights, farmers' debts, child labour, crimes against Dalits, corruption, civil rights or ecologically disastrous projects. Issues, if redressed, could change the way people lived in India. Probably, our politicians do not want to change the way our masses live. Not a sane voice was heard. In fact even humanitarian crises were addressed with an eye to votes (AIADMK and DMK did talk about the massacre of Tamils in Sri Lanka).
The worst is still to follow. Come May 16 and there will be an unabashed struggle to form the government. The true faces of those who talk about secularism, morality and issue-based support will be seen on every news channel. There will be horse trading, charges and counter-charges. Indian democracy will be in full glare for the world to see.

Three routes to Power

The various exit and post-poll projections bring out an extraordinary feature of the 15th general election. At least three very different kinds of governments are possible as we stand a few steps from the finishing line. While different projections vary on detail and break-ups, they agree on some basic points.
One, none of the major alliances is anywhere close to a majority. None can reach the majority mark by simply adding an ally or two; the new government has to be made up of many pieces. Two, it is difficult to say with certainty which of the two big alliances, or the two big parties, will finish ahead of its rival. The race appears too close to call even at this stage, given the limitations in the information at our command. On balance though, the UPA appears to have an edge over the NDA. Three, no government can be formed without involving either the Congress or the BJP. While different polls offer different estimates for these two, they agree that together, the two big parties will control nearly 300 seats. While we cannot rule out a non- Congress, non-BJP government, it will have to depend on either the Congress or the BJP for support.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

JHU calls for Asian Security system | Asian Tribune

JHU calls for Asian Security system Asian Tribune: "Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh earlier appealed to SAARC countries to help curb terrorism in the region. But the problem is, has India a clearly defined policy on this issue? Concerning terrorism in Sri Lanka, New Delhi’s dilemma is akin to a situation where the tail is wagging the dog, especially at election time. The tail needless to say is Tamil Nadu jingoism, which is like a beggar’s wound - never heals. A pro-LTTE mob attacks an Indian military convoy thinking that it is transporting weapons to Sri Lanka. But Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram tells NDTV television channel:
'We do not wish Prabhakaran ill.'
How come the Minister does not wish ill to a terrorist leader wanted by the Indian Government for plotting the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi? Perhaps the minister is pretending to be a Buddha or a Mahathma Gandhi. Chidambaram is more worried about China forging stronger ties with Sri Lanka through military and economic assistance than condemning Prabhakaran. The Indian Home Minister told Jeremy Page of the London Times. 'China is fishing in troubled waters.'"

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Sri Lanka impacts India elections

BBC NEWS South Asia Sri Lanka impacts India elections: "The continuing Sri Lankan crisis has become an election issue in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
There is frustration among some Tamils at the way the Indian government in Delhi has responded to the situation and the killing of so many civilians.
Tamil Nadu goes to the polls in the final round of the Indian general elections on Wednesday."

Inner City Press: Investigative Reporting from the United Nations

Inner City Press: Investigative Reporting from the United Nations: "Amid Death in Sri Lanka, UN Wedding in New York, Ban's Visit Delay Questioned
Byline: Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press at the UN: News Analysis
UNITED NATIONS, May 11 -- As in Sri Lanka Saturday bombs rained down on the supposed Safe Zone, in New York UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon prepared to celebrate the wedding of his son, Ban Woo-hyun. The ceremony was kept secret. South Korean media quoted an unnamed Ban aide that “Ban may have thought that an ostentatious wedding party for his son would be inappropriate.”

Well, yes. Earlier in the week, in the run-up to what even the UN had predicted as a “bloodbath on the beach” in Northern Sri Lanka, Ban had been invited to visit the country. His spokesperson Michele Montas said that if Ban thought it would save civilian lives, he would go. Inner City Press, having been told by well-placed Security Council sources that Ban would not be going in the coming days for scheduling reasons, inquired into this at two separate UN noon briefings and otherwise."

Rights body to UN: Prosecute Rajapaksa - India - The Times of India

Rights body to UN: Prosecute Rajapaksa - India - The Times of India: "The People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), a leading human rights group, has approached the UN Security Council with a plea to launch military intervention in the war in Sri Lanka in view of the threat to the lives of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils who face the prospect of being bombed to death or even die due to starvation and lack of medical care."

The Hindu Business Line : Lanka Tamils’ issue dominates TN campaign

The Hindu Business Line : Lanka Tamils’ issue dominates TN campaign: "Chennai: Curtains came down on Monday on the no-holds-barred campaign for the May 13 Lok Sabha poll in Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Puducherry. Though it appeared to be a lacklustre campaign, in the absence of a clear political wave, there is no gainsaying the election was fiercely fought."

UN attacks Sri Lanka war

The UN condemned attacks in Sri Lanka as a "bloodbath" today as a doctor inside the no-fire zone estimated up to 1,400 people may have been killed in two days of air and artillery attacks.
Dr V Shanmugarajah said 381 bodies had been brought to the temporary hospital inside the government safe zone yesterday (above) and another 55 todaytoday. He said shells were still falling on the area in which civilians were sheltering. "Still the shelling continues and the fighting is going on," he said, adding that reports from survivors led him to believe a further 1,000 people could have died.
His report came as the UN said the bloodbath it had feared since the government launched its all-out campaign to destroy the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was now a reality. "We have been consistently warning against a bloodbath, and the large-scale killing of civilians, including more than 100 children this weekend, appears to show the bloodbath has become a reality," Gordon Weiss, a UN spokesman, said.

Monday, May 11, 2009

We will secure equal status for Sri Lankan Tamils: Sonia - Indiaelections2009 – News – MSN India - News

We will secure equal status for Sri Lankan Tamils: Sonia - Indiaelections2009 – News – MSN India - News: "We will secure equal status for Sri Lankan Tamils: Sonia
Chennai: Expressing anguish over the plight of the Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said here Sunday that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) would work to secure equal status and equal rights for them.

'Our ultimate goal is to secure for Tamil people (in Sri Lanka) equal status and equal rights,' Gandhi said at an election rally where Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK chief M. Karunanidhi was also present."

Vijaykanth - the black MGR of Tamil Nadu politics - AOL India South Cinema - Story page

Vijaykanth - the black MGR of Tamil Nadu politics - AOL India South Cinema - Story page: "Tamil movie hero-turned-politician Vijaykanth is known to have performed stunts in films without a duplicate. In these Lok Sabha polls too, he and his party DMDK are going solo. And all eyes are on the 56-year-old man known as 'Karuppu (Black) MGR'.
Political circles are debating the impact of the 'V' (Vijaykant) factor on their fortunes. Balloting will be held for all 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu May 13.
The DMDK is hoping to increase its vote share to 20 percent in this ballot, up from the 8.3 percent it got in the 2006 assembly elections, the DMDK's K. Pandiarajan told IANS.
Can Vijaykanth repeat what hero-turned-politician M.G. Ramachandran (MGR) achieved in the 1970s and 1980s?"

Tamil Nadu » India Elections 2009 : Lok Sabha Elections 2009 Results, MP Elections 2009, General Elections 2009, General Elections India, LK Advani, Sonia Gandhi,Indian Elections,Election,India General Elections Results 2009,Congr

Tamil Nadu » India Elections 2009 : Lok Sabha Elections 2009 Results, MP Elections 2009, General Elections 2009, General Elections India, LK Advani, Sonia Gandhi,Indian Elections,Election,India General Elections Results 2009,Congr: "It is going to be tough decision to elect their MPs.
Both DMK and ADMK are not much favoured parties among common people. But people does have a choice to elect someone other than from DMK,ADMK,CPI etc., People dont believe Vijaykanth. Hence the success of DMK and ADMK alliance will most depend on how they organise to bring the voters to polling booth. Considering various factors, it will be 60:40 for DMK and ADMK ie 24seats for DMK combine and 16 for ADMK"

Democracy corrupted, voters sell their vote in India

Democracy corrupted, voters sell their vote in India: "New Delhi: They may be among India's best performing states, but when it comes to elections, a very large number of voters in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu take bribes to vote. So says the Delhi-based Centre for Media Studies.
Similar bribery is also endemic in areas of influence of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the study indicates. States ruled by the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) fare slightly better.
However, similar corruption is least in states governed by the Left, says the survey conducted among 41,000 voters in 19 states and billed as the first-ever empirical study on cash for votes.
The bribe taking voters also come from all sections of society: urban and rural, the poor and not-so-poor, as well as the educated and the barely literate, says CMS."


VOTEINDIA: "Come elections, we see the same old story - booth capturing, poll violence, vote buying, muscle power, communal polarization, vote bank politics…

Post elections, power may change hands, but the system remains scarily indifferent. Corruption, red tape, government apathy, criminalization of politics and a lack of governance and accountability exclude the possibility of real change.

It's time we stopped being silent spectators.
It's time we ensured that candidates with criminal records do not get elected.
It's time we made our vote count."

Can Independents win votes?

What is wrong with parties?
If you are passionate about your ideals and want to make a difference in politics, then why not join a party and have a genuine chance of realising your ambition?
“One of my major issues is that all parties take in criminals and all of them take as bedfellows whose ideologies are completely contradictory to what they profess,” said Sarabhai, who has challenged BJP’s prime ministerial candidate L K Advani in Gandhinagar.
Sanyal is pitted against Congress leader Milind Deora and Shiv Sena politician Mohan Ravale. Does she really have a chance against these organised parties?
“I think my chances are quite high. My issues are about Mumbai. I am not standing against Milind Deora or Mohan Ravale. I am standing for Mumbai. If their party system is strong what have they delivered for Mumbai, that is the question,” said Sanyal.
“I do not feel fazed by the fact that I am an Independent–what I am independent from is the apathy of politics, the criminalisation of politics and from the corruption we see all around us.”

Sarathbabu.E - Independant Candidate, South Chennai

Sarathbabu. E,
Independent Candidate, South Chennai
Thank you very much for attending the Press Meet amidst your busy schedule. Indeed your presence means a lot for me and it would accelerate my future plans and actions.
India, one of the world’s largest and youngest democratic nations which predominantly depend upon the policy makers for its development, is facing turmoil in these modern days. It seems India would easily be the only nation where we have 1000 political parties with 10,000 ideologies and 10 lakhs aspirants aiming for Prime ministerial post. Isn’t it an inappropriate thing to expect these people to work for the welfare of our country? Can we call ourselves unfortunate if we get carried away by the promises of our politicians? We can do better than blaming them for our suffering. We don’t need any new ideology to architect a new India. What we need is a single minded pursuit for excellence in all aspects of the growth of our country.
Our honourable former president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has visualized a road map for the development of India as a better society. With the inputs from TIFAC (Technology, Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council) he scripted what the policy makers are expected to do in all relevant sectors. If we follow his sermon of “dreaming, transforming dreams to thoughts and thoughts into actions”, crores and crores of our people would be benefitted. In other words, it is high time that all of us not just aspire for developmental politics but witness it for real. We need educated and selfless youth to drive this country to the next developmental phase. Instead of looking at politics as someone else’s job and act as if we just have to enjoy luxuries of a comfortable life, the youth with dynamic personalities should come forward with courage and get into active politics.
As I am insisting on ‘WE’ and ‘ALL’, I will need to take the initiative first. I would like to take the road map defined by our noble leaders. I strongly believe that I would be able to make the difference with my efforts. I am not entering politics to earn name or fame as I already that with what I have done. Then why am I entering politics? I am entering politics because to make my society a much better place for my fellow human beings. Only with this selfless attitude, I am aspiring to be a part of legislative body. I wish to do politics the way it was intended to be done. With equal pride and humility I wish to assure you, that my victory will be definitely looked upon by honest people and common people as their victory. It would unleash new energy from the youth and educated people who will help our country grow further. Let us all take a vow to teach the political parties that it is time to focus on growth and development. It is the youth’s turn this time to make the positive difference we deserve.
With this note, I request all South Chennai constituency voters to vote without bias for any party, caste or religion and elect the candidate who they think would definitely do what they deserve and the country needs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Whom to vote?

Are people making up their minds?
All political parties have done their best to exploit Problems of Srilankan tamils
Hypocracy has been the name of the Game...
The major parties dmk & congress could have done better...but have stopped short of lip sympathy..
admk, bjp..... though never bothered all sing different songs...
Are people aware of it? Yes it looks like everyone understands...but..let us see on 13th may?