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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ELECTION EYE - Karunanidhi fasts over Sri Lanka | Reuters

ELECTION EYE - Karunanidhi fasts over Sri Lanka Reuters: "* M. Karunanidhi, chief minister of Tamil Nadu, began an indefinite fast to protest against the Sri Lankan government, after they rejected an unilateral ceasefire announced by the Tamil Tigers. Two other ministers also joined the 84-year-old Karunanidhi in the fast. (CNN-IBN news channel)
Coming in the middle of elections, the government faces pressure to protect Tamils, who are closely linked to about 60 million Tamils in the state across a narrow strait from Sri Lanka.
Karunanidhi's Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), an ally of India's ruling coalition, has upped the rhetoric against the Sri Lankan military in the hope of appealing to Tamil voters."

Indian elections pass halfway stage

Indian elections pass halfway stage: "MUMBAI: India's marathon general election passes the halfway stage Thursday, with Mumbai entering the fray barely five months on from the deadly Islamist militant attacks on the city.

Ten seats in India's lower house of parliament are up for grabs in India's financial and entertainment capital, which has seen an increase in 'white collar' political activism since the November strikes that killed 166.

In Mumbai and Maharashtra state, that has meant support for right-wing Hindu parties like Shiv Sena and its offshoot the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, which both push a strong line on protecting local Marathi culture and language.

Among the 11 states voting on Thursday are parts of impoverished Bihar and populous Uttar Pradesh in the north, Gujarat in the west, the southern rural state of Karnataka, and leftist-dominated eastern West Bengal."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Great Bong Song

The Great Bong Song: "'In West Bengal if you are concerned about politics and political parties, slogans are very important; because if we want to say anything to the masses, and for mass inspiration, slogans are very important. From the time of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose when he was with Azad Hind Fouz (Indian National Army), till now if you see Communist Party of India (Marxist) or Trinamool Congress, or all the other parties, all are doing the same thing; they are making the slogans and giving this to their political campaigns,' said Abhijit Ghosh, a voter."

Check out Prabhakaran is not a terrorist: Karunanidhi


I want you to take a look at : Prabhakaran is not a terrorist: Karunanidhi

In election run-up, Lanka factor holds key in TN

In election run-up, Lanka factor holds key in TN: "The Lankan army's capture of the LTTE's last few strongholds is having its repercussion in Tamil Nadu. The MDMK and few other outfits are now holding statewide demonstrations demanding an immediate ceasefire"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lok Sabha Elections 2009 | India Elections 2009 | General Elections - Yahoo! India Elections

Lok Sabha Elections 2009 India Elections 2009 General Elections - Yahoo! India Elections: "'With lot of pain, we have to say this that Manmohan Singh is at best a glorified caretaker of the PM's post who is keeping the seat warm.' Prasad said."

Lok Sabha Elections 2009

Lok Sabha Elections 2009
...Congress is weakly dealing on the militancy issue, Mukherjee said: "Surely the cross border terrorism is the most complex problem and no body denies that but question is how could you define which action is appropriate. When Mr. Advani was...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 "Indian Justice Party’s candidate Lal Bahadur Sonkar, who was contesting from Jaunpur constitucney of Uttar-Pradesh was found dead, hanging on a tree yesterday. This famous town of Uttar-Pradesh, just about 40 kilometer from Varanasi, has never been that tensed. Sonkar, a Dalit himself was one of the candidates in the fray. The BSP had fielded Dhananjay Singh, who is well known here, not for his social work but for his strong ‘muscles’. Whether some body is good or bad has become really a matter of convenience. Hence if Mulayam Singh embraced Kalyan Singh then he is not involved in demolition of Babari mosque. Gangsters are fighting elections and the courts are unable to do so but our government feel threatened with one Dr Binayak Sen that he has even been denied right to get medical test. Despite much voices of protest, this democracy, it seems, is afraid of releasing him from Jail that it does not feel shame of keeping him in Jail without any trial for the past one and a half year. So democracy is not just elections in five years, but our polity will have to be democratic."

Singh, Advani Swap Barbs as Polls Near: India Votes (Update1) -

Singh, Advani Swap Barbs as Polls Near: India Votes (Update1) - "Singh, Advani Swap Barbs as Polls Near: India Votes (Update1)
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By Bibhudatta Pradhan and Paresh Jatakia
April 13 (Bloomberg) -- Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and chief rival Lal Krishna Advani lashed out at each other, raising the political temperature three days before the first votes are cast in general elections.
Advani, prime ministerial candidate for the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, branded Congress party incumbent Singh a “weak” leader who had devalued the office by having to bow to party chief Sonia Gandhi over key decisions.
Singh used a press conference in Mumbai today to hit back, accusing 81-year-old Advani of wringing his hands in frustration while one of his chief ministers “condones a pogrom targeted at minorities.”
That was a reference to Narendra Modi, the controversial BJP chief minister of the western state of Gujarat, where more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, died in 2002 riots after a fire on a train claimed 58 lives, largely those of Hindu pilgrims."

Election 09: Netajis must be taught a lesson!

Election 09: Netajis must be taught a lesson!: "Election 09: Netajis must be taught a lesson!

A billion Indians will to elect political leaders who will govern them for next five years. Do these netas understand the immense faith and trust that the people of India place in them? Are they capable to live up to peoples’ expectations?.
CJ: Brigadier Arun.., 5 days ago Views:202 Comments:0
Live Debate: Should the BJP and Congress come together?
ELECTION 2009 is not some circus. It is an election of a government, which will preside over the destiny of a billion people of India. Indian polity is placing their future, their well being, their security as also the destiny of their children in the hands of these select few who will be the their link with the country they belong to and their aspirations"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Flood of sops

Flood of sops: "Flood of sops
THE elections have seen a reversal of roles in the case of the two principal contenders – the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). The Congress, under the stewardship of Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, is seeking people’s support for “fulfilling their aspirations” but has not announced any new scheme. The TDP, led by N. Chandrababu Naidu, who earned a reputation for being the poster boy of the World Bank-dictated reform agenda, has promised a slew of sops, including distribution of free colour television sets and cash transfer to the poor. Under the cash transfer scheme, announced in the TDP manifesto, Rs.2,000, Rs.1,500 and Rs.1,000 respectively will be transferred to the bank accounts of three categories of below-the-poverty line (BPL) families."

Communal card

Communal card: "Communal card
ISSUES such as price rise, recession and the naxalite problem do not seem to be in the list of priorities of the major political parties in this round of elections."

The great churning

The great churning: "THE political realignments taking place now prove that Bharatiya Janata Party leader L.K. Advani’s grand idea of a bipolar polity emerging at the Centre in India, with the BJP and the Congress as the two poles and the other parties grouped around them, will remain a pipe dream. The rise of regional parties aspiring to play a national role and a concomitant drop in the influence of the national parties can ensure this in Elections 2009. This is the sentiment that finds echo in the reports filed by Frontline’s correspondents from States that vote on April 16 and 23, the first two phases of the five-phase elections."

The Hindu : National : Congress attributes it to ‘electoral heat’

The Hindu : National : Congress attributes it to ‘electoral heat’: "NEW DELHI: The Congress on Thursday attributed Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam general secretary Vaiko’s warning of a bloodbath in Tamil Nadu if the slightest harm befell Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam leader V. Prabakaran to “electoral heat.”
Congress spokesman and Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma said: “Maybe the electoral heat has made Vaiko lose his balance and sense of proportion.”" After PC, Navin Jindal faces shoe attack After PC, Navin Jindal faces shoe attack: "In a second incident of its kind in a week, a retired school teacher on Friday hurled his shoe towards Congress MP Navin Jindal in Kurukshetra 'to protest' against Congress' policies but missed his target.

Ram Kumar threw his shoe towards Jindal during an election rally in Kurukshetra constituency, police sources said in Kurukshetra.

While throwing the shoe at Jindal, the retired teacher said he is doing so in to protest of the policies of the Congress."

Maoists kill poll candidate in Orissa

Maoists kill poll candidate in Orissa: "BHUBANESWAR - Stepping up attacks ahead of the polls, Maoist rebels Thursday killed an election candidate of a regional party in Orissa, the police said.
At least four armed rebels killed Somnath Madkami, candidate of the Samrudha Odisha party for Malkangiri assembly constituency, at Kalimela town, district superintendent of police Satyabrata Bhoi told IANS.
‘They took him 4 km away from his home and killed him with sharp weapons,’ he said."

The Way We Conduct Elections In Our Country - Mainstream Weekly

The Way We Conduct Elections In Our Country - Mainstream Weekly: "The presence of the police in India, far from giving a sense of security to voters, lends a sense of insecurity by raising apprehension of an imminent threat to peace. That is the way the police is regarded in India as the external symbols of a disturbed situation. Elections ought to be surrounded by a spirit of bonhomie between the bitterest rivals who fight their electoral war peacefully. The presence of the police force fails to create this image.
Never, even in the first election in the country, still embittered by the memory of the partition and its horrific carnage, was the deployment of force so heavy. The deployment has got heavier with each election with a growing trend to induct muscle men to rig polls, earlier rigged by bogus votes of absentee voters and use of guns and bombs to disturb elections.But the way to tackle it is by effective preventive action like preventive rounding up and by surprise raids on suspects before polls, regardless of party affiliation"

Disabled, but ready to decide India's future - Kolkata - Cities - The Times of India

Disabled, but ready to decide India's future - Kolkata - Cities - The Times of India: "Sayandeb Banerjee voted in the Assembly polls three years ago, but it was an ordeal. When the wheelchair-bound, 32-year-old reached the north Kolkata polling station with his uncle, there was no one to assist him reach the first-floor booth.

'I sat at the foot of the stairs for 90 minutes but none bothered. Only when I threatened to inform the media did the polling officer requisitioned an ambulance and had me stretchered to the first floor. There, an official applied the indelible ink and then asked my uncle to cast the vote as per my wish. Is this the democracy we are proud of 61 years after Independence?' said Banerjee."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tempers run high ahead of Lok Sabha elections (Political Roundup) | Sindh Today

Tempers run high ahead of Lok Sabha elections (Political Roundup) Sindh Today: "New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) The political temperature was rising ahead of Lok Sabha elections just nine days away with arrest orders against Railway Minister Lalu Prasad for threatening BJP candidate Varun Gandhi, now in jail, and an emotional Sikh journalist hurling a shoe at Home Minister P. Chidambaram at a Congress press conference Tuesday.
As political parties slug it out in what is expected to be one of the toughest general elections, a few candidates, including high profile ones, are stooping low and offending the Election Commission"

Gulfnews: Poll forecasts: Slim chance of clear winner in India elections

Gulfnews: Poll forecasts: Slim chance of clear winner in India elections: "Poll forecasts: Slim chance of clear winner in India elections
Published: February 21, 2009, 23:06
New Delhi: India's Congress party-led coalition could beat the Hindu-nationalist opposition in a general election but the balance of power may lie with small, regional parties, a national poll said on Saturday."

Friday, April 3, 2009

India elections survey pre poll - Google Video

India elections survey pre poll - Google Video: "ELECTIONS 2009: SANGH PARIVAR OR CONG FAMILY? Feb 17, 2009 - 1 month ago -
(0 Ratings) - - Rate:"

The Hindu : Front Page : Race shows no clear electoral trend

The Hindu : Front Page : Race shows no clear electoral trend: "Race shows no clear electoral trend
The UPA is the frontrunner but none of the contending fronts has a easy route to power, says Yogendra Yadav"

Pawar turns Left, Cong squirms

Pawar turns Left, Cong squirms: "Express News ServiceFirst Published : 03 Apr 2009 04:25:00 AM ISTLast Updated : BHUBANESWAR: Trying for a larger political space, the hodge-podge Third Front has started dreaming big. The next big step towards the third alternative will be given shape tomorrow at a rally in Bhubaneswar. The game-changer is Sharad Pawar who will share the dais with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and, much to the chagrin of Congress, Left leaders Prakash Karat and AB Bardhan. NCP spokesman DP Tripathi has made it clear that there is no question of the party being apologetic about its participation in the rally. Congress called this a betrayal by the NCP supremo."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No seat-sharing arrangement in Andhra Pradesh as yet

No seat-sharing arrangement in Andhra Pradesh as yet: "Hyderabad, Mar 31 (ANI): The seat-sharing arrangement between the four-party Grand Alliance led by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is still inconclusive.
TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is holding talks with Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) President K. Chandra Shekhar Rao, the Communist Party of India (CPI) leader Narayana and the Communist Party of India- Marxist (CPM) leader Raghavulu to resolve the issue."

Massive black money economy cripples nation

Massive black money economy cripples nation: "It has been revealed that the Swiss Bank Deposits by Indians over the past decades are estimated to have swelled. It is estimated that last year Indians had whopping $ 1, 456 billion in secret accounts, which is more than the balance held by all other nationalities taken together. Russians held $4700 billion, UK US $ 390 billion and China US $ 96 billion.
Once there is a strong will to provide strong barriers to the generation of black money in the country, there is nothing that is difficult. Let the concerned public authorities focus on tracking the black money and their manipulators, and then seize whatever they have, and punish them in a highly deterrent way, so that no one can dare to go for black money. If this happens all black money would become white, and we will become a strong nation. All this hoarded money will give a strong push to our growing economy, and we will surpass all the nations of the world."

[T.S.R:7957] Revelation of Swiss bank accounts

Revelation of Swiss bank accounts: "This is so shocking.......If black money deposits was an Olympics
event..... India would have won a gold medal hands down. The second
best Russia has 4 times lesser deposit. U.S. Is not even there in the
counting in top five! India has more money in Swiss banks than all the
other countries combined!

Recently, due to international pressure, the Swiss government agreed
to disclose the names of the account holders only if the respective
governments formally asked for it. Indian government is not asking for
the marks for guessing why?"

Indian Elections 2009 » New poll predicts Mayawati will be the next PM

Indian Elections 2009 » New poll predicts Mayawati will be the next PM: "New poll predicts Mayawati will be the next PM
Contrary to predictions made by CNN-IBN, pollster Yashwant Deshmukh has predicted that the left leaning parties will win the next elections and that Ms. Mayawati, the leader of BSP, will be the next PM of India. Mr. Deshmukh, who runs the Team Cvoter polling firm and has covered more than 100 state and national elections in India, will tell British politicians this week that neither the Congress nor the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be able to win a majority in elections to the Lok Sabha and will see their strength in the parliament dramatically reduced. The briefing, which is being organized by the public relations company Saffron Chase, is expected to be attended by British MPs and leading businessmen and investors."


HindustanTimes-Print: "Muslims number about 35 lakh in Tamil Nadu — about 5 per cent of the state’s population of a little over 6 crore.
They say they have a different worldview from Muslims in some other parts of India, and have grown up on a culture enmeshed with values of other religions.
Muslims here quote ancient Tamil aphorisms freely from the Thirukkural.
Islamia Bhakti Paadalgal (Islamic devotional verse) is part of the Tamil syllabus.
The 17th century epic Sirah Puranam (Life of the Prophet Mohammed) by Umaru Pulavar (Omar the Poet) is modelled on the 9th century Kamba Ramayanam, with the marriage of Ali and Fatima described like that of Ram and Sita.
And when the ancient temple of Kumbakonam in the Kaveri Delta celebrated its Mahamaham (Kumbh Mela) in 2004, the town’s Muslims contributed 100 kilos of rice for the mandatory annadaanam (free meals at temples for pilgrims)."

Key DMK, AIADMK allies fume over seat allocation, Politics News - By

Key DMK, AIADMK allies fume over seat allocation, Politics News - By "Chennai, Ahead of the single phase Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu on May 13, the two key parties, the ruling DMK and the main opposition AIADMK, are facing allies fuming over their seat-sharing arrangements.
Though the AIADMK has not yet officially announced, its indication that it would cede four seats each to the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) and MDMK, of the total 40 Lok Sabha seats in the state, have upset them both.
'The seat-sharing negotiations with the AIADMK are far from satisfactory,' a top CPI-M source told IANS Wednesday."

Studies/Reports : Majority in Tamil Nadu favours backing LTTE: Poll

Studies/Reports : Majority in Tamil Nadu favours backing LTTE: Poll: "Majority in Tamil Nadu favours backing LTTE: Poll

New Delhi, March 31 (IANS) A majority of people in Tamil Nadu want the government to support the outlawed Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka, according to an opinion poll.

Asked if the government should support the LTTE in Sri Lanka, 66 percent respondents said yes, the NDTV said in a release Tuesday, revealing the findings of the opinion survey."

MK muddled Sri Lankan Tamils issue: Nedumaran

MK muddled Sri Lankan Tamils issue: Nedumaran: "Sri Lankan Tamils Protection Movement coordinator P Nedumaran on Tuesday strongly condemned Chief Minister and DMK president M Karunanidhi for muddling the Lankan Tamils issue while clarifying his party’s stance on the issue.
Referring to the remark of Karunanidhi that he would be the happiest person if Tamil Eelam was formed by democratic voting of the people in Lanka, Nedumaran asked ``Does not Karunanidhi, who has been boasting himself of working for the cause of Lankan Tamils for well over 50 years, know that 70 per cent of the Lanka’s population is Sinhalese and the Tamils constitute only 30 per cent ?’’.
Further, Karunanidhi had failed to say that Tamil Eelam should be formed on the basis of the voting by Eelam Tamils. Instead, he had said that Tamil Eelam should be formed on the basis of the voting by the people of Lanka. This, he had done deliberately to muddle the Lankan Tamils issue, Nedumaran observed."

Going by the audacity with which politicians distribute money openly for votes, will such practice become the norm of future elections rather than exception ? :: Answer it on Indiatimes QnA

Going by the audacity with which politicians distribute money openly for votes, will such practice become the norm of future elections rather than exception ? :: Answer it on Indiatimes QnA: "Going by the audacity with which politicians distribute money openly for votes, will such practice become the norm of future elections rather than exception ? Description It happened in Thirumangalam, Tamil Nadu and NONE was punished. Now too, it doesn't appear anyone will be punished. Will indian public accept election-eve bribing, just as they accepted criminalization of politics and corruption in politics ?"

MK did not lose govts for Eelam: Ramadoss

MK did not lose govts for Eelam: Ramadoss: "CHENNAI: PMK founder S Ramadoss has refuted Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s claims that he “lost” his governments on two occasions for the sake of Eelam Tamils.
Reacting to Karunanidhi’s claims Ramadoss said: “State politics, change of governments at the Centre and changes in political coalitions were the reasons for the dismissal of DMK’s state governments, and not the Eelam issue as claimed by Karunanidhi.”"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IndiaGlitz - Stars on the Campaign Trail - Tamil Movie News

IndiaGlitz - Stars on the Campaign Trail - Tamil Movie News: "From Kollywood to Bollywood, some of cinema’s greatest legends have found themselves enthralled by politics, and this 2009 general election is no exception. Where Chennai has actor Vijayakanth, the founder of the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK), is campaigning furiously, Mumbai has Sanjay Dutt on the Samajwadi Party ticket. And Tollywood’s shining star on the campaign trail is none other than Chiranjeevi, the founder of Praja Rajyam.
There’s no overlooking the mass appeal of these actors and actresses. One has to only study the charismatic M.G. Ramachandran, arguably the first movie star-politician, to understand this phenomenon. And who can deny that N.T. Rama Rao’s larger-than-life movie portrayals probably provided the impetus he needed to become the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh barely nine months after floating the Telugu Desam Party"

Elections 2009: India's Missing Women

Elections 2009: India's Missing Women: "voices demanding the Women's Bill are getting louder. In the Women's Charter, which was part of the All India People's Manifesto initiative promoted by the 'Wada Na Todo Abhiyan' after consultations with more than 230,000 people in 100 parliamentary constituencies, the enactment of the Women's Bill emerged as a key demand. Several women's groups have also made the same demand in a Women's Charter that was released recently in New Delhi."

The Hindu News Update Service

The Hindu News Update Service: "New CII chief to promote political donations by cheque
New Delhi (PTI): As campaigning picks up for the Lok Sabha elections, the newly elected President of industry body CII, Venu Srinivasan, has said he will promote a transparent way of donations to political parties by business houses.
'Companies should do it (election funding) transparently. If it becomes transparent it is good for the polity, good for society,' Srinivasan told PTI.
He said the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been promoting the idea of transparency in political donations. In any case, he said, it has become difficult for business houses to deal only in cash."